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Design + Engineering

  • Technical design
  • Based on manufacturing processes, SEITEC establishes the requirement profile in close cooperation with process engineers
  • As a neutral partner we advise our costumers on the selection of hardware on the basis of technical innovation and cost concerns
  • We know the market and the advantages of different component
  • Software development for all common PLC Systems
  • Design of several different telecontrol systems
  • Configuration of several different field bus systems for the vertical and horizontal integration of the PLC System
  • Configuration and software development for simple HMI Systems (human machine interface), such as operator panels
  • Design and software development for complex process control systems for clientserver systems or multi-user systems
  • Custom-designed software solutions based on various operating systems
  • Integration of automation systems into custom network technology
  • Commissioning of all electrical equipment and the complete automation system in close cooperation with plant manufacturers and process engineers
  • Preparation of a detailed start-up plan and signal test and performance test checklists
  • Training operating staff to manage daily routines and maintenance
  • SEITEC takes responsibility for starting up plants and systems worldwide
  • Ising all modern means of communication, SEITEC is always available for you with advice and support
  • A secure remote dial-in to your automation system – or direct Internet access –enables us to analyse and respond to any specific enquiries
  • We will support you on site with our technical service if required

In addition to the design of and software development for newly built plants, we offer solutions for the data and system analysis, modelling and process optimization of existing plants. These are specific process-related tasks for which we employ both conventional and innovative system-theory procedures and methods such as state models, fuzzy systems and neural networks.

  • Software development, services and know-how in the Mircosoft .NET environment
  • We develop specialized software solutions, especially targeting the automation sector

        Core capabilities:

  • Software development with Microsoft Visual Stuio .NET (C#, C, C++, etc.)
  • Databases (MSSQL, ADO.NET, Access, Oracle, etc.)
  • UI-Design and realization (WPF, Expression Blend, etc.)
  • Development of custom software for PC based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)-Systems
  • Realization of OPC based process data links
  • IAdditional feature implementation for commercial SCADA-Systems (Siemens WinCC/PCS7 via ANSI-C- / VB-Scripts, controls, external DLL etc.)
  • TCP/IP-Server-/Client applications – Data acquisition, analysis, rchiving and processing
  • Daten-Akquise, -Analyse, -Archivierung und -Aufbereitung
  • Development of customer-specific recipe management systems
  • IP-Networks